Many cities will face huge challenges to meet the needs of their growing population. Barcelona as many other capitals in Europe is one of them. With this project, the objective is to explore whether a brand can help providing new solutions to help solving some of the problems we’ll face in our new urban realities. Under the brief “conscious consumer and responsible company” Inhabit has been created, a brand to promote new sustainable living alternatives as cooperative housing.

Inhabit, a cooperative hub
As a hub, Inhabit is a brand made to gather together all the cooperative housing organizations in Barcelona and make them accessible to the citizens. It aims at informing and showing the people that there are more possibilities than just renting or buying.
A publication to convey freedom
Just as the cooperative movement does, Inhabit generates several publications during its life. With the production of these contents, Inhabit wants to inspire and open people’s mindset giving them the freedom to collect whatever might be suitable for them.
An exhibition to dialogue
A temporary event focused on starting a conversation with the citizens on how we inhabit the city. The exhibition presents eight topics, using 8 different installations in different urban areas. The main goal is to reveal the actual housing situation that is no longer sustainable to let citizens discuss and decide how they really want to inhabit Barcelona.
The exhibition has an interactive part in the website and in the app where this conversation really starts, giving space to the citizens to express opinions on each topic presented in the installations.
A product to act cooperatively
How much do we pay to live in Barcelona today? In 2018 land costed on average 43.00 €/sqm. This product is a piece of land that costs 43 euros. With this donation, the citizens can actively participate in freeing this piece of land from market speculation.
The packaging enhance the act of making the "piece of land" free while opening it. It aims at explaining what happens when people live cooperatively, when the land is bought collectively. Inhabit talks direct and transparent: colours are chosen according to the tones of the ground.
Barcelona, 2019
Final Master Project at
Elisava School of Design and Engineering
realized in collaboration with
Reme Martínez Castillo.

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